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Wild Bill Dalton - Dedication - 1972 Cantuarian -Grey Scale_edited_edited.jpg


I don't suppose that there's a lick special about 50 years, except that we've made it this far along and haven't changed much. I hope. But looking back I do remember how old they seemed then, I mean the ones who did come back, though they really enjoyed each other's company; crafty old gents chuckling about masters and screw crews and nature trails and such. Hmm. At least we have Weber's movie to bring us rushing back to the fun times that were great even if at times they weren't. 

So much for the wildly enthusiastic plea to come back home. To the place where we learned to be men. To care and to understand. To commit and to stand accountable. Canterbury holds a place for each of us and now as we begin to chase our own twilight there are memories and friendships here that remind us of the grand adventure that we were prepared for. At Canterbury. Fellas. Come back for our 50th. Just because it was who you were before you became who you are. 

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